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3) Adopt Your NonProfit Organization:

• After completing your investigation, discuss the results with your club members and vote on a nonprofit to adopt;

• Designate one or more members of your club to contact the nonprofit to determine if they have a wish list of small projects that your club and others could accomplish;

• You may wish to consider adopting one of the nonprofits listed below that already have a book club adoption program. Simply review the website of the proposed nonprofit and click on “Book Club Adoption” or "Wish List" to learn of the possible projects that your club might adopt;

• Telephone or email the nonprofit’s contact person listed on the Book Club Adoption link to coordinate your efforts; and

• Determine when and how often the book club members will make their contributions to the selected nonprofits and document and report the book club’s decisions.

Disclaimer: We have set forth the foregoing simple checklist as a mere guide, but not as a substitute for your own due diligence. We are not experts in the non-profit field and we do not purport to give legal or financial advice about charitable giving nor do we intend to endorse any particular nonprofit organization.


1) Mission Statement:

• Prepare a mission statement like the Kittredge W.I.S.H. Book Club mission statement on our home page by inserting the types of nonprofits you wish to promote;

• Consider the following topical categories: Arts, Children & Families, Civil & Human Rights, Conservation, Disaster Services, Education, Environment, Health & Medical, Human Services, Religious & Women;

• Visit websites such as the Colorado Charities Guide to view listings of possible charities to consider; and

• Decide whether your members would like to volunteer their time and/or make a financial contribution to your adopted nonprofit;

2) Investigate Your Nonprofit Organization:

• Before selecting your nonprofit, review general charitable giving resource materials such as “Your Guide to Intelligent Giving."

• Research your proposed nonprofit by using internet search engines such as Google; and

• Check the Colorado Secretary of State website to review the financials on-file for the organization and to ensure that the entity is a registered nonprofit in good standing (click on “Search Charities Database”; then click on “Search Charities Filings” and then type in the name of the charity and click on “Search”);