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Call for Action:

We urge all book clubs to gather not only for self-improvement and enlightenment, but to make a difference for humanity by supporting worthwhile causes. We invite all book clubs to become a W.I.S.H. Book Club by selecting each year one or more nonprofit organizations to support.

Mission Statement

We are a small diverse group of women who seek to make a difference by bringing book clubs and nonprofits together to maximize our shared passions and limited resources. We have asked certain nonprofits that focus on arts, children and/or education to create discrete projects via “wish lists” that can be accomplished by one or more book clubs. For example, in 2008, we learned that the senior female students at Arrupe Jesuit High School were looking forward to their prom, but could not afford dresses and accessories. Working with the staff, we hosted a “Girls Glam & Glitz Party” after school and invited the girls to come and try on prom dresses and accessories that we and other book clubs had procured.